The complex A Fabrica is located in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, in the Plataforma district, bordering the Bay of all Saints on a plot of 40.000 m2.

Three interdependent and transversal vocations drive this project:  social, cultural and residential.

The cultural part will host: art galleries, studios for artists in residence, professional recording studio, demo studio model and training MAO, versatile surfaces devoted to events (exhibitions, fashion shows, corporate events). Photo and video studio, guesthouses, canteen, bar, library, screening room, graphic arts workshop, offices.

Open to the world A Fabrica will host artists of all nationalities from all artistic disciplines: music, visual arts, fashion, design, photography, film and video, architecture, writing, dancing. A Fabrica will organize various cultural events and an annual festival.

The residential part will host: Private residences, a spa, fitness room, an Apart. Hotel, a restaurant / Social Club, two pools, a mini marina.

Open to the neighborhood A Fabrica will host district associations, around our own ONG Plataforma 21, a space for children, workshops, crafts and language training.

A Fabrica likes also to welcome various businesses related to culture, ecology, fair trade and sustainable development.

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